The cattle have access to grass year around and are supplemented by hay and baleage during the winter months. 31/12/2020. The happier your cows are, the more productive they will be. Wagyu cross bred cows (some with calf at foot) 3 available for sale (2 with 4month old calf at foot) 2.5 year old Sold separately $1500 cow (x1) $1750 cow with calf at foot (x2) $1,500. Our Grass Fed Prime Steer Beef is 100% Kiwi, no imports whatsoever. Some are considered Purebred Wagyu, (as mentioned above) which means they are 15/16 Wagyu and 1/16 Angus (or another similar breed). If you’re wanting raise livestock on a small scale, consider raising heritage breeds of livestock. 382 likes. We also offer Wagyu bulls, cow and cattle. Note ¹: Columbia and Uruguay Note ²: Argentina, Brazil and Chile Note ³: Mexico Note 4: Latin America excluding Uruguay Some countries require different veterinary tests. Thank you for your support", "You have managed to develop a group of animals that is probably one of the top genetic herds in Australia. Why Black Origin Wagyu Beef. of 18 products per page; 1 2 >> Wagyu Beef & Guinness Sausages. Firstlight Wagyu (NZ) Reared on lush grass pasture in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay, Firstlight Wagyu has a sweet, slightly nutty flavour. After 10 years fine tuning the recipe we can now raise our grass-fed wagyu cattle as fast, for the really good guys faster, than traditional cattle. The development of the Wagyu breed has been nothing short of spectacular and Wagyu cattle can now be found in 38 countries. Wagyu Breeders also offer a range of share farming and grazing contracts for its wagyu cattle. Our flagship Wagyu Beef product line. We run a fullblood black Wagyu herd. In the case of the Red Wagyu, the principal foreign influence was from the Swiss Simmental and Korean Hanwoo breeds. Belli Park, QLD. Modern Wagyu cattle are the result of crossing of the native cattle in Japan with imported breeds. Both options are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. This then led to the acquisition of an initial herd of 40 Wagyu PTIC breeders and 3 bulls from the Coates Cattle Company in Queensland. These products are certified Free Range Wagyu. We also have other products such as Wagyu burgers and Wagyu mince. 90 kg calves will be purchased at an agreed contract price with further bonuses and rewards for heavier calves and larger numbers of calves reared. GR8GIFT. About Us. Established. Wagyu Beef Rump Steak … The quality of fullblood Wagyu genetics determines most things Wagyu. Established over 20 years, dedicated to breeding fullblood Japanese Wagyu cattle in NZ, and providing high marbling meat off grass and feed. Please consider them for your herd, "It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Beef cattle for sale in New Zealand. So whether you are enjoying one of our juicy Scotch Fillet Steaks, Premium Beef Mince, Beef short ribs, Brisket or even our famously marbled Wagyu Beef, you can feel great about supporting antibiotic and growth hormone free, New Zealand Beef. They both can produce ext Payment Options. Many of these embryos are for Z6 Cattle to expand its herd. Our vision is to become a leading supplier of purebred and fullblood wagyu to the New Zealand market. When you buy from Fine Wagyu you know you are getting the real deal. We offer access to elite genetics through semen from our elite bull battery, We offer a selection of A-grade embryos from quality donors and sires, The bulls we offer are potential herd sires. Add to order. Wagyu beef is widely recognised as the world’s most premium beef famous for its flavour and melt-in-your mouth perfection. 0 - 4 Employees. Cattle Buy Back - Angus and Friesian Farmers Finishing Heifers and Steers Replacement Heifer Contracts Brands. Wagyu Beef & Porcini Sausages. Its Wagyu comes with the same ethos—you can buy both USA-raised Wagyu and top-grade Japanese Wagyu from the prized Black Kuroge breed of cattle (which some say is higher quality than the Tajima cattle used for Kobe beef), raised using traditional methods. Wagyu yields superior quality, tender meat, with softer fats that enhance the meat flavour. We work with seasoned breeders looking to improve herd genetics, new breeders wanting to establish a high quality genetic base, as well as commercial operations looking to secure quality genetics for terminal production. Where To Buy. The Red and Black Wagyu are not related genetically but have been bred for the same marbling criteria in Japan. Our aim is to produce and supply only the best premium, grain-fed wagyu and wagyu-cross beef. Our vision is to become a leading supplier of purebred and fullblood wagyu to the New Zealand market. Wagyu cattle take more time per animal to raise than traditional beef breeds. Not all animals are listed so please get in touch if you are after something in particular. This process results in intense fat marbling throughout the meat, delivering fantastic flavour and texture. FREE NZ EXPRESS SHIPPING On Orders Above $300 NZD. We offer A-Grade wagyu embryos from quality donors and sires. We are a small farm located outside Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. We are a small farm located outside Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. Visit our online store to place your order for Wagyu Embryo in NZ. Miku Wagyu runs a full blood black Wagyu herd. Contact us for more details. "American Wagyu" are cattle that are related to the Fullblood Wagyu imported from Japan in the late 20th century, but they have been mixed with other breeds, such as Angus. Our Wagyu steaks include ribeye, sirloin, & rump – all rich with the characteristic marbling of Wagyu cattle. This means that all our animals are genetically verified and traced back to the original Wagyu cattle from Japan. Advertisement Advertise with NZME. Mernda, VIC. This relationship has given us access to elite genetics. Providing Resources For WAGYU Cattle Breeders While Supporting Clean, Green, Sustainable Farming. Back when we raised full blood wagyu cattle on grass there was the chance they might out live the farmer before they were finished and ready to be processed. Please contact me for Pedigrees. So whatever your interest in Wagyu might be, we welcome you and invite you to consider our genetics for your operation. Thank you for working with us". Let me remind you that it has been proven that Wagyu cattle put on more marbling if they are happy and healthy. We usually have animals available for sale. Often, they are crossbred cattle, for example, 50% Wagyu and 50% Angus. We look forward to working with you again down the track", "This Joint Venture has given us some really handy cattle. We provide premium New Zealand Wagyu Beef available in two different sized selection boxes. A total of only about 200 full-bloods were shipped abroad in the late 70’s but it was enough to develop purebred herds in Canada, Australia and the United States. The New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association, Inc. was established on the 11th of May, 1992. However, we are offering embryos for sale, too. ©2019 by Tara Hills Farm. Each Wagyu calf receives careful husbandry and, through our comprehensive identification system, is individually traceable from its origin in NZ to the customer overseas. Irongate Wagyu has been expanded by significant AI (Artificial Insemination) and ET (Embryo Transfer) work that has allowed the business to develop and improve the quality of their Fullblood Wagyu stud cattle. The pure Wagyu herd trace their origins to embryos that were imported from Australia in the early 1990s. New Zealand’s Original Wagyu Breeders Association. Find Out More. Since 2014 we have been specialising in breeding Japanese Black wagyu. The largest Wagyu population is still in Japan. Now, the First Light team has opened up the gates for a limited number of new farmers/finishers to buy wagyu-cross calves from their upcoming spring weaner release. We plan to have available Polled Wagyu breeding bulls by 2019-2020. NZWIDE. All Wagyu cattle derive from cross-breeding in the early twentieth century of native Japanese cattle with imported stock, mostly from Europe. Add to order. $42.95/kg. Fullblood Wagyu cattle offer great performance when it comes to the production of the end product, (tasty beef!) Our Japanese Wagyu beef is exclusively A5 grade — which is the top score for marbling, color, firmness, and tenderness, truly the ultimate steak experience. All the people who had been growing Wagyu cattle told us they didn't like being outdoors eating grass. Wagyu is a horned breed and the cattle are either black or red in color. $42.95/kg. A calf buying contract offer will add significant value and earning potential to your herd. Regenerative farming is followed such as no till cultivation and intensively managed grazing. Homozygous and Hetrozygous Polled Wagyu cattle ! Samen NZ will supply and assist the New Zealand farmer with unique and world class Red Wagyu genetics. This means that all our animals are genetically verified through DNA testing and traced back to the original Wagyu cattle from Japan. New Zealand’s long heritage of raising high quality cattle combined with the Japanese philosophy of raising happy and relaxed cows creates a Wagyu beef experience unlike any other. Wagyu cattle are famous for producing the worlds finest beef. First Light pays $150 or $200 respectively for spring or autumn born Wagyu calves (4-20 days of age), and $475 or $550 respectively for spring or autumn born calves reared to a 90kg liveweight. Discount if you buy all 6 bulls. 1998. Wagyu Beef Business Hours Mon 7:30am – 6:30pm Tue 7:30am – 6:30pm Wed 7:30am – 6:30pm Thu 7:30am – 6:30pm Fri 7:30am – 6:30pm Sat 7:30am – 6:30pm Sun 7:30am – 6:30pm. Ticky area. Buy Wagyu Beef Home Buy Wagyu Beef. Buy and sell Beef cattle on Trade Me. There is some evidence of genetic separation into the Wagyu genetic strain as much as 35000 years ago. $4,400. Show . Proudly created with, ©2019 by Tara Hills Farm. Find Out More. Proudly created with. Black Origin Wagyu combines ancient Japanese breeding genetics and techniques with New Zealand’s incredible grass, grain, water and air to create world class Wagyu. but that does not make them more invincible, or somehow easier to work with or own than any other cow you see standing in a pasture near you. CHOOSE A GIFT Our Specialty. Your unique 10-digit cattle ID number allows you to see exactly where your beef is coming from. Find First Light grass-fed Wagyu from New Zealand at a store near you. Thus both full blood and Wagyu-infused beef vastly surpasses other brands. Every A5 Beef product comes with a certification of authenticity along with the cattle's birth certificate. We invite you to take a closer look, The females we offer are of excellent quality. READ MORE. First Light Farms have taken Wagyu to the next level by raising Wagyu cattle on a 100% grass-fed diet. Wagyu Embryos For Sale Z6 Cattle is actively producing IVF (both non-sexed and female sexed) embryos during the spring and summer of 2020. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY Overnight Delivery Nationwide. Rockin 2 Ranch will has available Polled Wagyu semen and can provide polled Wagyu embryos in the near future. This felt like a convenient truth and we were never going to keep cows in cages so we let them out, and guess what; it turns out they actually really like grass, fresh air and sunshine. Taraire Wagyu Stud, New Zealand. Since 2014 we have been specialising in breeding Japanese Black wagyu. They have a fascinating story and 2000 years of history in their home Japan. New to these shores, our Wagyu cattle are Free Range and enjoy a grass fed diet, while roaming on lush pastures. Wagyu Breeders Ltd has a comprehensive range of sharefarming and grazing contracts on offer, to complement Wagyu cattle grazed on Brownrigg Agriculture’s properties. Sort by. Wagyu Breeders Ltd 0. Range fed Wagyu. (NZ) New Zealand’s Wakanui Blue cattle are grass-fed initially then finished on grain for the last 70-90 days. We have limited numbers of frozen embryos and semen available. Best of all, you will find a variety of cuts and choices in this selection to give you even more options for your Wagyu dining needs. Take an outside tour with Ken Tew, Cattle Rancher at Sutton Creek Cattle Co. in Baker City, Oregon Rockin 2 Ranch LLC. Miku Wagyu offers premium wagyu genetics with authentic Japanese origins. Waitaha Wagyu . Our animals are bred from select proven sires and dams offering high quality genetics to breeders. Waitaha Wagyu is your go-to Wagyu beef supplier, for premium New Zealand grown Wagyu beef, finished using traditional Japanese techniques. Located in Belli Park Queensland Australia. Size. 30/12/2020. He is one of a group of New Zealand farmers who produce wagyu beef for Firstlight Foods, and it is exported to a range of markets around the world. We do a minimum of two embryo flushes per year so may be able to supply fresh embryos of specific breedings if you require - please contact us for further details. WAGYU Breed History in Japan.

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