This process allows citizens to know that management activities have been reviewed and deemed necessary. Due to these effects, coupled with the limited water resources available in South Africa, E. crassipes has been declared a category 1b weed in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (10/2004): Alien and Invasive Species Regulations, 2014, which necessitates its control or eradication where possible.​​​​​. Years of research on water hyacinth and its management has shown that, in addition to developing effective integrated management, additional biocontrol agents that have the potential to be damaging to the plant in eutrophic environments, and to complement the existing biocontrol agents, are needed to better control the weed. Both the adults and juvenile stages of C. aquaticum are extremely damaging to water hyacinth, causing significant reductions in both growth rates and the reproductive potential of the weed. Maintenance Control. With regards to its control, the mechanical method is the most cost-effective, followed by the biological, manual and chemical methods. An example is the introduction of two weevils in Lake Victoria seem to have a success at pushing back the water hyacinth to were is it much less a nuisance (Masifwa et al. 2.1.1Origin and distribution of water hyacinth In 1823, the German naturalist C. von Martius discovered the species while carrying out oral surveys in Brazil. Abstract. In most cases however, the use of any of these techniques in isolation has had limited success, and in terms of physical or chemical intervention, proven both costly and unsustainable in the long-term. Water hyacinth was first recorded in South Africa on the Cape flats in the early 1900s and since then, has spread throughout the country. The maintenance control strategy was applied to the Suwannee River water hyacinth management program beginning in the late 1970s and by the mid 1980s, maintenance control was achieved. Eradication (the complete removal) of a widely distributed and well established invasive plant species is often not possible or economically practical, so plant managers have developed the strategy of maintenance control. community mobilization for water hyacinth control strategies: experiences from kainji lake area, nigeria. Native plants have returned to the shores and marshes of the Suwannee River, restoring fish and wildlife habitat. Combating water hyacinth infestations has drawn upon various management techniques designed to reduce both the weed's spread and biomass. Water hyacinth infestations also interfere with the nesting and feeding habits of the endangered Everglades snail kite, and in extreme cases can push over or uproot emergent vegetation in which kites build their nests. These include physical removal, the application of herbicides, utilisation for commercial and subsistence purposes, and the importation and release of biocontrol agents. Control. The grass carp has been shown to be a very effective method of water hyacinth control in several countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Guyana (Soerjani, 1984; Buruah, 1984). Since the water hyacinths are so prolific, harvesting them for industrial use serves also as a means of environmental control. Maintenance of your lawn means that you take corrective action before the grass grows too tall, or weeds or some lawn pest kill it. The physical method is employed by directly harvesting, cutting, and removing the plant using machines or manual removing by hands and hand tools. In addition to environmental safety, using less herbicide keeps costs down as herbicides are extremely expensive. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Water hyacinth and other invasive plants left unmanaged, or controlled only on a "crisis" basis, accelerate the transformation of a lake into a marsh. Water hyacinth has never been eradicated in moving water. This level is determined by experienced managers at the FWC and decisions are influenced by factors including funding, available technology, and current conditions.

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