In order to get the CRM sub-grid to show the quick create dialog, ensure that: The Allow quick create is enabled for the child entity. However the command bar does not allow for custom actions to be added. On the account form, I have a subgrid for recent orders. This is great and just *might* resolve my issue. It opens two quick create forms. A Look Up will appear to search for an existing Contact or to create a new one in another form. We can use Xrm.Navigation.openForm to open a Quick Create using JavaScript. Launch Quick Create Form from Subgrid in Dynamics CRM 2013 In CRM 2013, while doing with “Add New/ Existing” record from subgrid, by default the respective entity’s form is opened. References. But, this involves an overhead for the user because the user actually needs to navigate to the form, Save & Close the record to back to the parent entity form. First one looks fine, except there is display name displayed twice. Let’s say we want to open the Account quick create form on a Contact record in the Unified Client Interface / Unified Interface. @jorgeolive - I have included a couple examples below for both a Quick Create Form scenario and a traditional pop-up window scenario if quick create forms are not enabled.. But I’d like to open a quick create for this entity. If you go to the default Contacts Sub Grid in the Account's Form and click de "+" button you will notice the following: . I created a new custom entity and added a subgrid of this new entity to my account entity. Below I have shown how to call the contact quick create form but in the context of an account. How to Manage Quick Create Forms in Dynamics CRM - Ledgeview Partners When I first added the sub-grid it was set to Orders(Customer). Here the lookup for the account in the custom entity has to be made mandatory. Following things I have done so far: Enabled Opportunity Product entity "Allow Quick Create". (Which could be applied to the openEntityForm above!) Customised "Add new" button using Ribbon Workbench to add the Javascript action to open quick create form. Add an event to your subgrid to know when it's refreshed (you have to know that as soon as you do an action from the quick create form of a subgrid, the grid is refreshed automatically) Write your plugin or whatever you need to process the data in the background ; Refresh the parent record once the record from the subgrid got an action. Clicking the Plus in the right, upper corner the system opens a new line with a magnifying glass (like it shows in the screen below) instead of the quick create flowing from the top. Forms are not opened normally, one following another. In this post we will explain how to configure the Quick Create Form in an entity Sub Grid taking for example the relationship between Account-Contact.. We are in a need to open "Quick Create" form on click of the "+" button on OOB Opportunity product subgrid on Opportunity entity. A quick create form exists for the entity. On the Main form for an entity i have several subgrids, each of them for records from different entity. I have a subgrid of an entity, with a Quick Create form. However the associated view button was missing from the icon. I have since changed the sub-grid to Orders(Client) which gave me the associated view icon. When I used the + button it launched the new order form. When creating new record from subgrid, all of the forms are opened as expected, except one. Ensure that the related foreign key field is Business Required. Another way to launch the Quick Create directly is to remove the ‘Add Existing’ from the sub-grid menu using the Ribbon Workbench tool. Now when the “+” button is clicked in the sub-grid of the Custom entity the Quick create form would launch directly. If not, create a new one. In this I’ve shown a slightly more comprehensive syntax. To open a quick create form review the following code example. When I EDIT the record from the subgrid, I want a dialog to launch, effectively mimicking the quick create. Do you know how to tie your javascript code into the doubleclick of the subgrid? Meaning I pass the Id of the parent account to the quick create form. In forms using the Updated forms actions for sub-grids are placed near the sub-grid, making them easier to access. In forms using the Classic forms, actions performed on a sub-grid were available in the ribbon.Developers can customize the behavior of these actions or add additional actions by customizing the ribbon.

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