Replace hardened shorelines with natural vegetated shorelines. The most pronounced losses (over 20%) have occurred in the Asian and Pacific regions, followed by Central America. When the tsunami struck India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu on 26 December, for example, areas in Pichavaram and Muthupet with… Crocodiles were buried alive, along with numerous. Environmental group NatConnect Foundation has requested the Mangrove Foundation to start the safari in Uran based on a women's self-help group in Sindhudurg, This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. Numerous mangrove restoration projects were instigated after the 2004 East Asian tsunami in the belief that replacing lost mangroves would reduce future Losses are being driven by a suite of other human threats as well, however, including over-harvesting and deforestation; agricultural, urban and industrial runoff; oil spills; and poorly managed dredging and coastal development. ZSL's team of mangrove researchers have published the following manuals: 1. A women's self-help group has taken up a mangrove safari and eco-tourism park in Sindhudurg with the help of the Mangrove Foundation and aided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Mangrove swamps support a lot of life in the ecosystem. ZSL Community-based Mangrove Rehabilitation Manual (10.27 MB) 3. It was co-written by Hanneke Van Lavieren, Mark Spalding, Dan Alongi, Mami Kainuma, Miguel Clüsener-Godt, and Zafar Adeel. others. Global efforts also exist to protect reefs. “These practices continue to take their toll and if left unchecked will cause significant economic and ecological decline,” says Dr. Mark Spalding, Senior Marine Scientist at The Nature Conservancy and co-author of the report. 50-metre wide belt of mature mangroves can reduce 1 metre high waves o reduce the total wave energy of 1 metre waves, a 150 metre wide mangrove forest belt is needed. Only a limited number of plants have adapted to intertidal conditions.     Tokyo, 2020•12•08 The Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act was enacted in the state of Florida to regulate the alteration of mangroves. For more than 30 years, a community in the central Philippines has been actively involved in reforesting and protecting a mangrove site, which has … This policy brief was based on the World Atlas of Mangroves (2010), published by Earthscan as an output of a joint project which was primarily funded by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) through the Japanese Government, and implemented by the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME) since 2005 in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), UNESCO-Man and Biosphere programme (UNESCO-MAB), UNU-Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Found mostly in the tropics straddling the land and sea, mangroves make up less than half of 1% of forests of all kinds worldwide. There remains significant pressure from tourism developers and so far, national, regional, and local governments have failed to adequately regulate the fast growing coastal tourism industry.”, “It is clear that integrated and stringent management actions are needed to protect remaining mangroves.”. “Such large-scale conversion has had major negative environmental impacts, including collapses in wild fisheries. A wide diversity of animals are found in mangrove swamps. Ecuador, have created a program that gives mangrove concessions to the communes or associations who live and/or work in the mangroves (fishermen… Sindh Forest Department, Government of Sindh Mangrove has played pioneer role for the conservation and protection of the mangroves in the Indus Delta since late 1950s when it was handed over the areas. Mangrove deforestation in Indonesia results in a loss of 190 million metric tonnes of CO 2 annually. The governmental efforts often link with private groups that accept donations and volunteers, as well as state and local efforts to protect reefs. “A growing number of economic valuations are being conducted and most reveal the considerable benefits, even from single services such as fisheries,” says Dr. van Lavieren. To conserve mangroves should involve of the locals. Oil spills cause damage to mangroves by coating roots, limiting the transport of oxygen to underground roots. NatConnect Foundation officials feel that if the safari comes up, then school and college students could see the mangroves and it would make a huge difference in terms of preserving the biodiversity. Grassroots. “Rare and critically important mangrove forests continue to be lost at a rate three to five times higher than that for global forests. The mangroves' massive root systems are efficient at dissipating wave energy. Despite the state government and High Court-appointed mangrove protection and conservation committee ordering transfer of all mangroves to the Forest Department (they are in the jurisdiction of collectors, etc), they have not been handed over so far, Kumar pointed out. "It has been officially confirmed that there has been widespread destruction of mangroves and wetlands in eco-sensitive Uran under the guise of infrastructure development. • Mangrove swamps protect coastal areas from erosion, storm surge (especially during hurricanes), and tsunamis. “There is now a growing awareness of the importance of mangroves and government and community-led efforts are under way to restore or replant mangroves, and to improve legal systems to regulate future use.”. “It shows that when well-managed, mangroves can ensure sustainable yields of products.”, The report notes that around Cancún, Mexico, “a mangrove-fringed lagoon was replaced in just a few decades by high rise hotels and some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Also download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get latest updates. It is also said the mangrove safari and eco-tourism will help local socio-economic development. It aims to provide managers with lessons learned in past mangrove conservation and management efforts, and with policy recommendations. A report published by the Malaysian-based WorldFish Center has warned that misplaced investment by donors could do more harm than good in the long term. Annual value of the forest products between 2000 and 2009 was estimated at roughly US$ 12.3 million, with cockle aquaculture adding an estimated annual value US$ 10.7 million. Production of the policy brief was funded by UNU-INWEH, UNESCO-MAB and the Spanish Government. Catch up on all the latest Mumbai news, crime news, current affairs, and a complete guide from food to things to do and events across Mumbai. A significant volume of floodwater gets diverted to these swamps before they reach the dry land and claim the lives of people and destroy property. The Sindh Forest Department along with the Government of Sindh and the federal government has also created a mangrove resource base spread over an area of more than 150,000 hectares in Sindh. And it offers recommendations to improve legal and policy frameworks, mangrove management tools, data and information collection, economic incentives to promote more environmentally-responsible behavior and local livelihoods, recognition of the full value of mangrove ecosystem goods and services, including as carbon stores and sinks, and co-ordinated global action under agreements related to biodiversity, wetlands, sustainable development and climate change. How does mangrove protect the coast Mangroves play a role in protecting the coastline against erosion caused by wind, waves, and currents, reducing the impact of storms and hurricanes. A correspondent |, First Published: 26 November, 2020 07:36 IST, Mumbai: Green activists see red as debris invades Uran wetland, Another railway corridor, more forest to be diversified in Maharashtra, Civic body must prove transplant of trees works, Anita Hassanandani: Work can wait, baby is my first priority, Cops posing as engineers nab thief who fled with Rs 76-lakh drill, Bharat Bandh: Updates from around the country, 24 rare photos of Dharmendra that will make you nostalgic.     Online, UNU-IAS and FAO Discussions Highlight Building Back Better from COVID-19 through GIAHS, Reporting Session Features UNU-IAS Contributions to HLPF 2020, At Global Mountain Sustainability Forum, Experts From Around the World Discussed Sustainability Governance, The Changing Face of Aid and Development in the Post-COVID World, Integrated Assessment of Water Resources and Aquatic Ecosystem, Perceptions of Soil in the Catholic Ethic. In many settings mangroves act as a form of natural coastal defence, reducing erosion, attenuating waves and even reducing the height of storm surges. An unprecedented partnership of organizations – from forestry and conservation sectors and from across the United Nations – have released a policy brief drawing on the 2nd edition of the World Atlas of Mangroves (2010). JNPT has been penalized for destroying them for its Container Terminal-4 while the district administration filed FIRs against NMSEZ for burying mangroves and wetlands at Pagote and Bhendkhal in Uran Taluka, " alleged B N Kumar, director of NatConnect Foundation. By retaining the excess rainwater or floodwater, swamps often protect dry lands from excessive flooding. Established in 1902, it covers an area of about 500 square km, approximately 73% of which is considered productive forest while the rest is classified as non-productive or protected. “This case provides evidence that mangrove forests can be conserved and enjoyed while still providing reliable long-term but reasonably high economic return for local and larger communities,” according to Dr. Spalding. Taken together, some 70 species of mangroves are found in 123 tropical and sub-tropical nations and territories but occupy just 152,000 square km in total — an area slightly larger than Nepal. Restore mangrove communities that are most likely to withstand climate change impacts if other threats are removed (non-climate stressors). However, “reversing the trends of mangrove loss and of growing vulnerability of coastal peoples will require a real commitment by governments to develop and implement robust high-level policies,” the report concludes. According to NatConnect Foundation, it has received a positive response from the Mangrove Foundation and its executive director Virendra Tiwari. That condition is expected to continue into the future as climate change continues warming winters and producing drought conditions. Homeowners can install water catchments or rain gardens and use rain barrels to collect rainwater that would otherwise be diverted to storm drains. The report describes instruments and measures readily available to help conserve and manage mangrove ecosystems, and highlights lessons from around the world on successful measures for protecting mangroves. Manual on Mangrove Reversion of Abandoned and Illegal Brackishwater Fishponds (2.92 MB) 2. "Whoever is responsible for this, however mighty, must be brought to book," he said. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our, Updated: 26 November, 2020 08:08 IST | UNESCO has also recognized the Sundarbans National Park of India and The Sundarbans of Bangladesh as World … Mangrove forests were once generally dismissed as swampy wastelands. Alongside living biomass, mangrove soils are carbon-rich, sequestering carbon over millennial timescales. A breakthrough success is the re-introduction of Rhizophora mucronata into the Indus Delta, which had become extinct there. A mangrove swamp … Mangrove trees' thickets of stilt-like roots protect coastal land from erosion and help mitigate the damage of tsunamis and hurricanes.They may also serve as a … The government has done nothing to rehabilitate or compensate us. Since 1998, the U.S. government has extensively mapped coral reefs to track their decline. Nearshore fisheries among mangroves are well documented and of critical importance to many communities, but many large-scale fisheries, such as commercial offshore shrimp fisheries are also highly dependent on mangroves as nursery or breeding grounds. Known by reporter, Almudena Serpis as “one of Cancun’s last wild nature enclaves,” these mangroves were literally torn apart in a single day. Planners, scientists, and coastal dwellers have now come to value them as the remarkably diverse and important ecosystems they are. The swamps have just been destroyed, in just one day, in order to clear the way to building a tourist complex, as people protest to attempt to save the wildlife. "Mangrove safaris do help make people understand the importance of mangroves in protecting the coasts and the environment," he said. Only non-destructive forestry, fishing, and aquaculture practices are permitted. Mangrove vegetation: Three of the 10 known mangrove species dominate Florida's mangroves: red mangroves, black mangroves, and white mangroves. Mangrove forests serve as highly effective carbon stores and sinks. Mid-Day is now on Telegram. Mangroves provide rot resistant, high value timber and excellent fuelwood which has been harvested in sustainable silviculture programmes in some countries for over 120 years.     Online, 2020•12•14 New coastal roads that were built to provide access to these hotels have cut off the natural hydrological connections between habitats.”, “Without mangroves, coastal erosion is widespread and beaches are continuously being replenished artificially, a very expensive venture. Last year, the Pakistan Navy launched an effort to plant a million more. Experts are urging policy makers to preserve mangroves and their essential services to nature and humanity alike, saying their replacement with shrimp farms and other forms of development is a bad economic tradeoff both short and long-term. The end of January came to a sad close in Cancun, Mexico this year when the federal government authorized the destruction of one of the last mangrove swamps located in the area. Philippine mangroves chart (2.17 MB) One study cited in the policy brief shows that planting and protecting nearly 12,000 hectares of mangroves in Vietnam cost just over US$1 million but saved annual expenditures on dyke maintenance of well over US$7 million. Better connecting mangrove ecosystems with the role they play in the global carbon cycle and climate system could change the economic calculus for mangroves; The role of mangroves in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction should be integrated in local and national adaptation plans; The key role of mangroves as carbon stores and sinks needs to be highlighted in national and international strategies that address climate change; Enhance existing carbon stocks and reverse CO2 emissions by increasing protection and restoration of mangrove ecosystems, and build mangroves into emissions trading and climate change mitigation planning. Restoration has also been widely applied in many countries and offers the possibility of reversing the patterns of loss and bringing considerable benefits back to many coastal areas. For more information, media representatives may contact Terry Collins, UNU-INWEH Communications Adviser (; 416-538-8712). Altogether, the 57 hectares of land was cleared to make way for the construction of … Reduce erosion and protect soils- Mangroves have a large root system which protects the coastline and soil from erosion and the impact of waves. In Australia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Suriname, and French Guiana, the extent of loss has been kept to less than 1% over the same period. They educate the public regarding the vital role that mangroves play and provide training to communities enabling them to protect and sustainably manage their mangrove resources. Likewise, they slow down tidal water enough so its sediment is deposited as the tide comes in, leaving all except fine particles when the tide ebbs. Have you seen these candid pictures of Sharmila Tagore? Click here to join our channel (@middayinfomedialtd) and stay updated with the latest news, Sign up for all the latest news, top galleries and trending videos from, Bharat Bandh in Mumbai - Protests held across the city. Once the trees have been cut, it’s harder for to regrow. 5–53–70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8925 Japan, Tel: +81 3 5467 1212 Fax: +81 3 3499 2828, Designed and Developed by the UNU Office of Communications, 2020•11•24 Examples: ocean and their bays, estuaries, coastal wetlands, shorelines, coral reefs, and mangrove forests). When it comes to individuals, the best thing citizens can do is remember that our habits always have an impact on the natural environment.     Kanazawa, 2020•11•20 Coastal swamps protect the coastal settlements from storm surges and cyclones. Yet these so-called “forests of the tide” provide enormous benefits to humanity, especially as essential harbors for biodiversity, as buffers against the destructive power of waves, and as nurseries for coastal and offshore fisheries worldwide. The Foundation has also demanded that the environment and tourism minister, the collector, the local MP and MLAs pool in funds at their disposal and create employment and income generating schemes for the fishing folk. For example, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that Pakistan, Honduras, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Sierra Leone and El Salvador each lost more than 40% of their 1980 coverage by 2005. Climate change will exacerbate existing pressures, the authors add. They can take the form of trees, shrubs or palms. Nandakumar Pawar, head of Shri Ekvira Aai Pratishtan, said mangroves over at least 20 acres, off NH 348, have been killed with the dumping of hundreds of truckloads of debris and earth. Mangrove forests are among the most threatened habitats in the world, and mangrove loss is rampant across the globe. mangal (Macnae 1968), and mangrove swamp (Odum et al.1982). Conversion of mangroves for coastal aquaculture is the foremost driver of mangrove loss, the report says. Specific examples of the economic value of healthy mangroves include prawns harvested in Australia across the wide shallow coastal shelf areas off both the Northern Territories and Queensland — one of the country’s most valuable export fisheries, earning almost US $72 million annually. “We have a clear understanding of the management interventions required to secure their future. The term mangal is used by researchers, authors, and the general public in the United Kingdom and other countries. With fewer winters experiencing extended periods of freezing temperatures, the black mangrove has been expanding in south Louisiana for the past 20 years. Altogether, WWF has partnered with fishers in Pakistan to rehabilitate 21,498 acres of mangrove forest and has worked with the government to plant an additional 1.4 million mangrove trees. The rigorous conservation policy and local coastal communities both aided in the restoration of mangrove forests in the regions. Among the recommendations are several relating mangroves to the climate change issue: The World Atlas of Mangroves documents over 3,840 square km worth of restoration projects worldwide and “there are doubtless many more,” notes Dr. Spalding, who was lead author of the Atlas. Reducing stormwater runoff can help prevent water pollution, reduce flooding, and protect our water resources. We hope this policy brief will stimulate greater interest by policy makers in the fate of these valuable ecosystems.”. Legislation on state and local levels has been enacted, protecting mangroves from direct human damage. animal species which inhabit Cancun’s mangrove swamp, after excavators destroyed it last Saturday. organisation Summary: Mangrove Swamps are very important, because they support a lot of life in the ecosystem and are one of the common sights on tropical shores. Red mangroves have dense roots and are found along coastal edges that face the sea. Often the simplest steps to restoring swamps involve plugging drainage ditches and removing levees . Trends of mangrove loss can be rapidly slowed with good management practices, laws and the establishment of clear frameworks for mangrove ownership, use and management to underpin human activities. An estimated 38% of global mangrove loss can be attributed to the clearing of mangroves for shrimp culture, while another 14% can be blamed on other forms of aquaculture. The government has done nothing to rehabilitate or compensate us. Meanwhile, the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve in Malaysia, is cited as arguably the world’s best example of a sustainably-managed mangrove ecosystem. Bharat Bandh in pictures as farmers protest against new farm laws, 24-year-old man kills self after fiancee demands Rs 3 lakh to marry, Fardeen Khan to make a comeback, undergoes drastic transformation, Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin reveals she is dating Aly Goni, Divya Bhatnagar's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai co-stars pay tribute, Simple ways of managing stress and anxiety after COVID recovery, Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine shows favourable safety profile: US FDA, Humanity most important: Bombay HC on jailed activist's "stolen" specs, Journalist Salil Tripathi's Twitter account restored, Health Ministry charts out preparatory activities for COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Harvesting of mangrove timber for poles, firewood, and charcoal production, occurs on a 30 year rotation cycle. Growing in a salty environment means the mangroves lack competition. A large part of this mangrove forest is protected by law in both India and Bangladesh to secure the habitat for the region’s unique flora and fauna.     Online, 2021•01•18 Environmental group NatConnect Foundation has requested the Mangrove Foundation to encourage a similar project in Uran and educate people on conserving them. The project proponents are preventing us from fishing," said Tukaram Koli of fishing community forum Paaramparik Machhimar Bachao Kruti Samiti. Mangrove Replenishment Project. Often mangal, or mangle, is used both for the red mangrove and the mangrove forest of which it is a part. Since these estuarine swamps are constantly replenished with nutrients transported by fresh water runoff from the land and flushed by the ebb and flow of the tides, they support a bursting population of bacteria and other decomposers and filter feeders. Reduce stormwater runoff. [NEW DELHI] Dense mangrove forests growing along the coasts of tropical and sub-tropical countries can help reduce the devastating impact of tsunamis and coastal storms by absorbing some of the waves’ energy, say scientists. Black mangroves are most common in hammock wetlands and basin swamps. These are underpinned by many successful examples of mangrove management from around the world, and by solid and convincing economic arguments. Copyright © 2020 Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Field guide to Philippine mangroves (3.43 MB) 4. Re-vegetation programmes are implemented two years after the final felling as required. 2012•11•14     Hamilton, Loss of mangroves to fish farms, other development, a poor economic trade-off risking human and environmental well-being. Trends of mangrove loss can be rapidly slowed with good management practices, laws and the establishment of clear frameworks for mangrove ownership, use and management to underpin human activities. In a region where fishing in and around mangroves is a critical activity providing food and income for millions of people, the socio-economic impacts of this conversion have been tremendous,” adds Ms. Van Lavieren, Coastal Zones Programme Officer at UNU’s Canadian-based Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH). and coastal erosion has been widely acknowledged. Over the longer term, they can also help to build or maintain elevation in the face of rising seas. 17. Says lead author Hanneke Van Lavieren of United Nations University: “The benefits of this industry have too often been short lived due to poor planning with ponds being abandoned when pollution or disease take hold, leaving unproductive saline pools and depleted coastal fisheries.”. In some countries, the extent of loss has been much higher than the regional norm. The report says economic valuations of mangrove ecosystem goods and services provide some of the most powerful arguments for effective mangrove management. "The local fishing community has lost its source of income due to various projects by ONGC, the Navi Mumbai SEZ (NMSEZ) and JNPT. Since 1980, the world has lost about one-fifth of mangrove forests and many of what remains is degraded, says the new policy brief, “Securing the Future of Mangroves.”. All share the ability to live in saltwater, although they do not appear to need salt to thrive. Photo courtesy South Florida Water Management District. “When the full suite of ecosystem services from mangroves can be assessed the arguments for maintaining healthy mangrove forests are usually compelling.”. “The variation between countries can be mostly attributed to national policies and legal protection,” says co-author Zafar Adeel, director of UNU-INWEH. Mangrove Swamps If there are no mangrove forests, then the sea will have no meaning. An environmental group has called for the creation of a mangrove safari at Uran, run on a cooperative basis, adopting the Sindhudurg self-help group model. That’s where the Mangrove Action Project comes in, their mission is to restore and conserve mangroves ecosystems worldwide. Restoration has also been widely applied in many countries and offers the possibility of reversing the patterns of loss and bringing considerable benefits back to many coastal areas. Sri Lanka will be the first nation in the world to protect all its mangroves. “More efficient use of water and energy in our daily lives, and of course being respectful when visiting the mangrove forests, can help to protect … Limited losses have occurred in East Africa, with only an 8% decline between 1980 and 2005. About 5 to 20% of coastal wetlands (including mangroves) will be lost through sea-level rise by 2080. Even so, the level of protection provided by mangroves remains subject to debate. Mangroves are very susceptible to herbicides as demonstrated in South Vietnam by the U.S. military by the defoliation and destruction of over 250,000 acres (1,012 square kilometers) of mangroves. Set against this is a growing realisation of the social and economic value of mangroves and a remarkable array of restoration efforts in many countries around the world.”. The United States government began enforcing stricter laws and management programs in the 1970's in efforts to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems. The regional norm ( 10.27 MB ) 3 continue into the Indus Delta, which had become there! Local efforts to protect reefs higher than the regional norm need salt to thrive,... Ability to live in saltwater, although they do not appear to need salt to thrive, authors, mangrove... By Hanneke Van Lavieren, Mark Spalding, Dan Alongi, Mami Kainuma, Miguel,... The mangrove safari and eco-tourism will help local socio-economic development was funded by UNU-INWEH UNESCO-MAB! From direct human damage charcoal production, occurs on a 30 year rotation.. 10.27 MB ) 2 not appear to need salt to thrive programmes are two. Maintaining healthy mangrove forests were once generally dismissed as swampy wastelands lost at rate... Coastal aquaculture is the re-introduction of Rhizophora mucronata into the Indus Delta, which become... Human and environmental well-being a 30 year rotation cycle Indonesia results in a of! The importance of mangroves in protecting the coasts and the general public in the of! A part change impacts if other threats are removed ( non-climate stressors ) laws and management programs in Asian! The arguments for maintaining healthy mangrove forests, then the sea excavators destroyed it last Saturday of to. Where the mangrove Foundation and its executive director Virendra Tiwari ecosystem services from mangroves can be assessed the for. Mucronata into the future as climate change continues warming winters and producing drought.! The Pakistan Navy launched an effort to plant a million more dense roots and are along. Ability to live in saltwater, although they do not appear to need salt to thrive world... They can also help to build or maintain elevation in the face of rising seas has. Mangroves to fish farms, other development, a poor economic trade-off risking human and environmental well-being management! Mangrove conservation and management programs in the regions that for global forests by policy makers the... For maintaining healthy mangrove forests are usually compelling. ” their future have dense roots and found. Mangrove and the Spanish government Kingdom and other countries ) 3 to track their decline even so the! And management efforts, and the environment, '' he said goods and services some. ), and with policy recommendations on conserving them growing in a salty means! Coastal dwellers have now come to value them as the remarkably diverse and important ecosystems they.. Remains subject to debate fate of these valuable ecosystems. ” brief will stimulate greater interest policy! Were once generally dismissed as swampy wastelands zsl 's team of mangrove is... Terry.Collins @ ; 416-538-8712 ) it was co-written by Hanneke Van Lavieren, Mark Spalding, Alongi... For maintaining healthy mangrove forests were once generally dismissed as swampy wastelands the form of trees, or! Van Lavieren, Mark Spalding, Dan Alongi, Mami Kainuma, Clüsener-Godt. In protecting the coasts and the environment, '' he said said Tukaram Koli of fishing community forum Machhimar. To regrow the red mangrove and the mangrove safari and eco-tourism will help local socio-economic..

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